Nipsey Hussle continues to expand his business ventures outside the music world when he opened his first official The Marathon Clothing flagship store on Saturday, June 17th (located at 3420 W. Slauson Ave #F Los Angeles, CA 90043). To recap his epic journey to unlocking the doors, Nipsey has teamed up with WSHH who rolled out a new 40-minute documentary today giving fans an closer look into the every day operations leading up to the grand opening.

In the Chucky Millions-directed documentary, Nipsey talks about the origins of it all, when it started, setbacks and so forth. There’s cameos from his brother, close friends and more talking about what the store did for them & how it saved them, among other things. There’s also a lot of flashbacks as well, showing a young Nipsey and a smaller store and him turning it into all that is today.


Watch a 40-minute documentary leading up to the opening of Nipsey Hussle’s new flagship clothing store “The Marathon.”

Peep Nipsey’s Documentary Video Below:

Nipsey Hussle works with Space X employee to create worlds first smart store. He explains the logistics in this Interview with Power 106 FM: