Hard Knock Tv sits down with Tory Lanez for in-depth interview at Truth Studios.

Tory and Nick talk about his childhood growing up in Toronto and coming back there after moving around a lot because his dad was a missionary preacher. Tory shares his first musical memory and how he first started writing raps after his cousin kept beating him in Madden. So angry that he couldn’t beat ​his cousin, Tory went outside and wrote something down dissing him as a way vent.

Rapping became even more therapeutic when Tory’s Mom passed away because writing was one of the only outlets Tory felt he could express himself. Tory got his name ​”​Lanez​”​ because he would play chicken with oncoming traffic running in between lanes and ​”​Tory​”​ was short for Notorious (after the rapper Notorious BIG) which his friends didn’t want to call him, so he went for the shorten version with Tory.