Tory Lanez has never been known to be shy on confidence, as in recent months he’s publicly declared himself to be the best rapper alive while calling out legends like Eminem and Royce Da 5’9′.

Since that time, however, he issued a public apology for “being on some wild s***” with respect to how he’s channeled his competitive spirit, while promising to only be about positive energy moving forward.

With that said, his new mentality hasn’t interfered with his unconditional belief in his talent, which is evident based on his latest interview with Good Morning Britain. During the segment, Tory Lanez spoke about being on tour with Drake as well as how his jewelry compares to the 6 God’s, in addition to how his father being an evangelical preacher has influenced his career.

“It’s very simple for me, one day I will be the biggest artist in the world and I believe that wholeheartedly,” Lanez said when asked about how his musical content contrasts with his religious upbringing, adding that “for me to be the biggest artist in the world, there has to be some sort of light that I bring into dark situations, yet in order for me to do that I need to go into dark places.”

Tory has just released his latest mixtape International Fargo, leading up to his fourth studio album, El Agua, scheduled to be released next month.