Tory Lanez isn’t one known to lack confidence.

While on IG Live recently, Tory talked about being the best in the business in his opinion, particularly when it comes to songwriting and melodies.  He said the same goes for rap and claims that no one can touch his pen game. Apparently, someone asked about Joyner Lucas to whom Tory conceded was “nice” but said he “can’t f*** with me.” That comment reached Joyner Lucas who decided to post Tory’s live video while issuing a challenge to the Toronto native.


It looks as though Joyner Lucas got the reaction out of Tory Lanez he was looking for when he issued a challenge to Tory on Monday evening. Tory hopped on IG Live asking for Joyner to hop on but that apparently never came to pass. Instead, Trippie Redd hopped on Live with Tory as the two threw jabs at Joyner. To prove he’s serious though, Tory took a page out of Joyner’s book and dropped the “Luck You Freestyle.”



Joyner Lucas Responds to Tory Lanez with “Litty Freestyle

It didn’t take long for Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas to exchange lyrical shots at one another. After a few comments made by Tory on IG Live about being a better rapper than Joyner caught the rapper’s ear, he took to social media to challenge Tory. Tory took the first shot with his track “Luck You Freestyle” over the Eminem track Joyner is featured on and now Joyner Lucas responds with “Litty Freestyle.”