Drake recently revealed that he and 21 Savage were going on the ‘It’s All a Blur’ tour, with the tour to produce 29 concert dates.

The tickets were made available for purchase on March 17 via Drake’s website. While the announcement may have seemed like good news for fans who want to see the rapper live, some fans were seemingly upset by missing out on their chance to get tickets. Some fans claim that price gauging played a part in missing out on Drake tickets, which sparked a class-action lawsuit. According to the Toronto Star, a man in Montreal allegedly purchased two “Official Platinum” tickets for the ‘It’s All a Blur’ tour for July 14th date, which amounted to $789.54 each. LPC Avocat, a law firm, noted that a second show was added for July 15th, with the same seats being available for $350 less. The suit said:

“Ticketmaster unilaterally decides which tickets it advertises and sells as ‘Official Platinum’ based on a given event.” The suit continued saying, “The result is that most, if not all, of the tickets, advertised and sold as ‘Official Platinum,’ are neither ‘premium tickets’ nor ‘some of the best seats in the house’ and are, in fact, just regular tickets sold by Ticketmaster at an artificially inflated premium in bad faith.”

Plaintiffs in the suit are asking for “the difference between the prices charged for ‘Official Platinum’ tickets and what their regular price ought to have been,” along with $300 per customer in damages.