In a daring heist, suspects broke into a tractor-trailer at the Nike Employee store and made off with approximately $200,000 worth of merchandise.

The incident occurred early Thursday morning, and witnesses reported seeing multiple vehicles fleeing the scene. According to a security guard at the Nike store, he had just taken a lunch break when he heard a loud boom. He looked up to see one of the suspects opening the trailer door. The guard immediately called his supervisor and the police, who then spotted five vehicles speeding away from the area. Upon investigating, police found the chain to the Nike store cut, the doors to the freight truck opened, and boxes scattered throughout the parking lot. This is not the first major theft involving Nike products in the area, as two suspects were previously charged with stealing $400,000 worth of Nike shoes from a boxcar in North Memphis.

The local community is shocked by the brazenness of these thefts. However, opinions differ on why thieves are becoming more daring. Some believe it is due to desperation, while others argue it is because of a lack of ethics. Regardless, many agree that increased security measures may not be enough to deter determined criminals.