Over the past eight years, Future has reinvented himself countless times. From his early days as a pioneering street rapper, contorting his voice to create unforgettable hooks, to his superstar-making, the Atlanta artist has always been a master at shedding his skin.

He’s undergone sonic shifts, so many that he’s created a whole group of alter-egos to encompass his many shifting modes: Future Hendrix, Super Future, Fire Marshal Future. After a year that saw the 35-year-old stepping back from the, at times, hyper-speed of his releases, Future is now introducing a new identity with The WIZRD, an album he said will “close the chapter out of everything I’ve done so far up until now.”

Future sat down with The FADER at the Epic Records offices in New York to discuss the album and the past year of his life. In the intimate discussion, which you can watch in part below, he spoke about the way his most painful music is consumed and the pressure it brings to keep living a lifestyle that he feels he’s outgrown. In recent years, Future has become rap’s preeminent anti-hero but, in conversation, he was thoughtful and reflective, an ever-evolving artist on the precipice of another major shift.