The emotional connection between 2Pac and Oakland runs so deep that several record artists from the area published songs dedicated to the late rapper shortly after his passing.

His first movie, Poetic Justice, even took place in the city of Oakland. Decades after his passing, on June 16, 2015, the officials in the area declared a citywide “Tupac Shakur Day.” When he was alive, 2Pac reciprocated his love and support from the city where he “got his game” and big break as a recording artist. 2Pac will be forever immortalized in his old Bay Area stomping grounds. On Tuesday, the Oakland City Council approved renaming a section of MacArthur Boulevard between Van Buren Avenue and Grand Avenue near Lake Merritt. Going forward, the area will officially be known as “Tupac Shakur Way.” Upon making the announcement, Caroll Fife, a Council member of Oakland’s District 3, shared her thoughts on the monumental proposal she initiated.

The Tupac Shakur Foundation will pay for the new street signs. According to the City Council Legislation, the commemorative effort will be one of many as Oakland intends to continue to honor the late rapper’s contributions to society and the local community.