19 May

Terry Crews Tells Men to ‘Never Speak for a Woman’

 Terry Crews shared his advice to men on what their role should be in the #MeToo movement during an interview with Buzzfeed’s AM to DM. Crews, who has been an advocate of the movement after revealing his ordeal with sexual harassment in Hollywood, recommended that men shouldn’t try to speak for women in this matter.

“Never ever speak for women. Women got this,” Crews explained. “What we need to do as men, is check other men when you see this kind of activity going on.” While numerous individuals have been accused of sexual misconduct, Crews believes that the movement is fighting to end a “complicit system”.

“What we’re talking about is not a conspiracy. We’re talking about a complicit system” Crews said, “We’re talking about guys looking the other way.”

Crews closed his remarks outlining that best way men could help the #MeToo movement push forward, explaining that you don’t need a significant platform to address the issue but when you see anyone being harassed- speak up.

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