BET’s Rate The Bars series finds a way for rappers with clout to judge their peers in a neutral environment.

Lyrics are written on note cards, and their authors remain anonymous. Legendary lyricist Tech N9ne is the latest rapper to take the challenge, and the cards he was dealt were cleverly placed. Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Billboard charting “Gummo” found its way into Tech N9ne’s hands. 6ix9ine isn’t the most respected rapper in the game for his lyrics, but when Tech blindly judges him, he shows him some love.

“DAMN, this a cold n***a right here boy,” exclaims Tech after reading the lyrics out loud. He continues on to inquire about the second line in the excerpt. “She wanna f**k but keep her clothes on?,” Tech asks himself. “So she wanna dry f**k?,” he concludes. With a look of confusion, Tech gives Tekashi a 3 out of 5.