For anyone who has ever wondered how and where Kanye West goes to work on his latest YEEZY line, PIN-UP magazine has all the answers following its tour of YEEZY’s headquarters in Calabasas, California.

As part of its YEEZY Studio supplement, PIN-UP photographed the two-storey ’70s-era concrete office building that houses West’s all-encompassing endeavors, whether that be sneakers, apparel, architecture, or music.

From the outside, the building looks no different to any other office block nearby, but the inside, a 14,390-square-feet space designed by West collaborator Willo Perron, includes a sewing room for making samples, a library, and a recording studio.

Speaking to PIN-UP, Perron explains his focus on stripping all design influences — whether brutalism, essentialism, utilitarianism, or postmodernism — down to their elemental nature: “The weird thing about all the fancy shit, all this fragile shit, is everything is going to go. Like, all your beautiful mahogany, it’s going to go. The outer coating of a lot of this stuff is going to go, and what remains is elemental.”