In the late 90s, a high school basketball coach named Ken Carter made national headlines for leading a group of young men, many of whom were raised in the gang-ridden territories of Richmond (California), on a famous run at an undefeated season, only to have their bid for perfection derailed when he suspended play due to lackluster academic performances. The act was commended, and it inspired the making of a biopic starring Samuel L. Jackson (as Ken Carter) called Coach Carter (2005). The motion picture remains a cult classic in the urban realm, but now hoop fans have endeared themselves to a new Coach Carter, and she’s become famous for many different reasons. Unlike Ken Carter, Sydney Carter enjoyed a professional basketball career in the WNBA. Upon being drafted by the Chicago Sky in the third round of the 2012 WNBA draft, the former point guard enjoyed a four-year stint in the league. However, her star truly began to rise once she returned to her Alma Mater, Texas A&M as an assistant coach. Two years later, in the Spring of 2021, the head coach of Texas University, Vic Schaefer, announced that he had tabbed Sydney as the Texas Longhorns’ new Director of Player Development.

Although Syndey’s ascension in the coaching profession of college basketball is impressive, her brand on social media has skyrocketed much further, causing many to debate about the motive behind her flashy sense of fashion during team games. Sydney is stunning, so when she sits courtside during team games in a glitzy outfit, she stands out. Video clips of the 32-year-old in various fashion choices have gone viral, and she’s inching closer to one million followers on social media, which is rare for an assistant coach.