Many fans, artists, and celebrities have spoken on the passing of DMX, with many sharing extremely positive videos and memories of the legendary New York emcee.

Now, friend and frequent collaborator has delivered some words on X while revealing some key points about the rapper’s personality and the reasons behind his struggles over the years. Swizz said that since the day he met DMX, the rapper lived his life for everyone else. The producer paused for a second, noting that X was selfless to the point of not caring about material possessions, and said the rapper was the biggest because he prayed for everyone else before praying for himself. Swizz then revealed that DMX suffered from the first day he met him, saying the rapper took everyone’s pain and made it his, which is why you hear the passion and conviction in his songs. Swizz went on to say DMX was “in so much pain, that he would go to jail to have his freedom,” saying being incarcerated was a means to escape his pain. Swizz concluded his heartfelt post by saying he’s devastated but happy the legendary rapper is home.