In a recent episode of Gilbert Arenas’ podcast, Rich Paul, agent and close friend of LeBron James, discussed the ongoing GOAT (Greatest of All Time) debate between James and Michael Jordan.

Paul argued that LeBron faces unique pressure and scrutiny due to the constant 24/7 news cycle and the opinions shared on social media. He also pointed out that Jordan never had to deal with the same level of comparison when he played. However, Stephen A. Smith challenged Paul’s statements, asserting that LeBron has actively invited the scrutiny by choosing to be a public figure. Smith pointed out that LeBron wore number 23 before he even played his first NBA game, tattooed “the chosen one” on his back, and utilized various platforms to elevate his brand. Smith argued that while times have changed and all players face scrutiny now, it is not accurate to claim that LeBron faces more pressure than Jordan did.