Spirit Airlines has become synonymous with having cheaper flights despite this economy’s rising travel costs.

However, it appears a group of passengers got what they paid for, as one of the airline’s jets caught on fire as the aircraft was landing. Passengers could be seen jumping up to evacuate while screaming, but the flight’s crew turned the passengers back, telling them to “please remain seated.” While the flight was landing at Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson International Airport, a fire was seen around the landing gear. According to reports, passengers went into an instant frenzy upon smelling and seeing the smoke. 

During the ordeal, flight attendants reportedly told passengers, “If the pilot gives us the command to evacuate, we will evacuate, but please remain seated right now and keep the aisle ways clear. If we do have to evacuate, please just leave your bags. We will let you know, please remain seated.” Spirit went on to say the fire seen near the landing gear was due to overheated brakes. The fire was put out by first responders.