According to reports, ‘Family Guy’ creator Seth MacFarlane quit the series during the Writers Guild of America strike. 

The move to quit is only until the Writer’s Guild of America creates a new deal with studios. MacFarlane wasn’t the only person to walk out, as showrunners for ‘Family Guy’ and ‘American Guy’ also walked. Matt Weitzman, Rich Appel, and Alec Sulkin of both shows told 20th Television they don’t have plans to work on either series while the WGA is on strike. According to Deadline, Seth MacFarlane and his Fuzzy Door Productions haven’t received any suspension letter from NBCUniversal for his actions. It was noted that about three months of scripts and voiceovers were completed for ‘American Dad.’ 

MacFarlane was reportedly spotted on the picket line since the WGA went on strike on May 2. The previous writer’s strike in 2007 reportedly lasted for 100 days.