In breaking news, a pier at Memorial Union Terrace in Madison, Wisconsin, collapsed sending dozens of people into Lake Mendota.

A student captured the moment on video, showing the chaos and confusion that ensued. Reporter Grace Hodak is on the scene, providing updates and speaking to witnesses. From the footage, it is evident that parts of the pier are still floating in the water and the entrance to the pier is blocked off. Bags belonging to those on the pier at the time of the collapse have also sunk to the bottom. Currently, 25 people have been reported injured, while 60 to 80 people were estimated to be on the pier during the incident.

Witnesses recall hearing a loud noise at the time of the collapse, initially mistaking it for gunshots or fireworks. However, they soon realized the severity of the situation as the pier crumbled into the water. One student with a foot injury described the moment as everything going “super fast.”