Recently, it was revealed that Drake listed his home studio on the StuFinder app, with the pricing amounting to $250,000 per hour to use.

Despite the price tag, a feature from Drake and an engineer are not included. However, that didn’t stop Riff Raff from making moves, as it was reported that the rapper dropped $500,000 for two hours of studio time at Drizzy’s home. StuFinder issued a statement on the purchase, confirming Riff Raff did book the time. The app said, “We have reached out to Drake and his team to get confirmation that he did, in fact, list his home recording studio on our app. Session requests can be sent to the studio, but to prevent a scam, we have paused the ability for the studio to accept bookings till we receive confirmation.”

The app noted Riff Raff’s purchase would be refunded if they don’t get verification and approval from Drake and his team about the studio.