Remy Ma recently had a candid interview with Hollywood Unlocked where she described the lead up to her beef with Nicki Minaj and the making of her diss track aimed at Nicki, “ShETHER.”

When asked by Jason Lee around the 9:30 mark what exactly sparked the issue, Remy stated:

“I’ve seen her from when she first started and she was trying to get on, […] I had great respect for what she was able to do and what she was able to achieve. When I came home we had had a conversation where she actually reached out to me and we spoke and I was just like, I already know ’cause I been through this. As women in this industry, if you go two chicks and they both pretty and they both being put in magazines, on videos, or whatever, and they’re the ‘it’ girls…it’s gonna be these two [against each other]. We had a real conversation. Anything I say, they gon’ say I’m comin’ at you. Anything you say, they gon’ say you comin’ at me. We’re not gon’ let it get to us and I thought that’s where we was at.”

Remy also explained how people cautioned against releasing the track, noting that her husband Papoose was the only person down with it but admitted that he doesn’t have much of a choice.