The booming era of app technology has provided mankind with groundbreaking means of transportation, financial investing, streaming services, and social media platforms.

With Silicon Valley in Northern California, leading the charge for the way in which people gain access to what they need, an out-of-the-box thinking tech company, located in the southern region of California aims to give the sexually charged demographic what they want instead. Located in San Maros, California, Realbotix recently posted a teaser of a blonde-haired sex robot, complete with all of the synthetic virtues of the female anatomy, such as skin, hair, lips, etc. The video clip is called “The first sex robots are about to hit the market” and it’s essentially an explanatory demo where the company’s CEO, Matt McMullen, explains to his viewers exactly how the robot’s functionality is connected to a simple app that they can download and operate and their leisure. The hi-tech mannequin is called “Harmony 2.1,” in addition to providing its consumer with a sexual companion, it can also speak sentences.