QuavoĀ andĀ TakeoffĀ of the famed rap trio known as theĀ MigosĀ are set to release their first joint album without contributions fromĀ Offset.

The announcement comes months after the duo had been releasing new music as “Unc and Phew,” in reference to their real-life family ties. The success of singles like “Us and Them,” and “Hotel Lobby” have raised expectations for a debut album that the Atlanta-based duo has titledĀ Only Built For Infinity Links; which is a clever spin on the classicĀ Only Built 4 Cuban LinksĀ album by Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon. But for the two family members, the title of their upcoming album holds a much deeper meaning. Only Built For Infinity LinksĀ will drop on October 7th via Quality Control Records. The LP is said to feature several components from hip-hop back in the 2000s.Ā