Playboi Carti and Pusha T shared the bill last night at free concert organized by Mural Fest and presented by Hennessy Canada.

The event taking place smack in the Quartier Latin of Montreal, Quebec, is now notorious for Pusha T’s scene stealing performance, in which he claimed a moral victory over Drake in Canada of all places. Bear in mind, Montreal and Toronto are two cities completely at odds with another, as lingering cultural and language issues have run their course over time. That still doesn’t take away from Drake feeling the burn, having suffered yet another setback, after reportedly walking away from his feud with Pusha T with a “career-ending” song ready to-go.



Watch as Pusha T tries to quell the crowds chants with “listen.” Of course, a pro-rap crowd at a free event is going to be boisterous, and as the short clip demonstrates, they showed up to riot. It doesn’t seem as though Pusha T was indulging the anti-Drake chants, but he wasn’t defusing them either.

As he told Vanity Fair, Pusha T is enjoying every minute of his newfound recognition. Daytona, unlike anything else he’s published to date, is an album that conveys a real connectedness to the material.





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