President Joe Biden has been ridiculed about his age and cognitive stability since assuming office from just about everyone along the political spectrum.

But there are moments that seem to crystalize everyone’s concern around Biden’s fitness for a second term after watching what recently happened to the 46th President of the United States.

During the US Air Force Academy graduation ceremony, President Biden took a nasty spill which left the audience gasping. Despite the cause of concern present after anyone in their 80s takes a fall, Biden joked with reporters upon his return to the White House that “I got sandbagged!” The president meant that quite literally because it appears in the video that Biden was tripped up by a black sandbag that was on stage. Despite LaBolt’s assurance that the president is fine after the fall, the opposition party will naturally take hold of this incident as further proof that Biden isn’t physically or cognitively fit to retain office in 2024.