11 Feb

Pics from Tesla Orbiting the Earth Deal Damage to Flat Earth Theory

Elon Musk is the innovator of the decade. He is the brains behind Tesla, and his SpaceX program is starting to take flight, literally.

The SpaceX program is Musk’s dream project which intends to send civilians to space and ultimately help combat global overpopulation and stimulate space exploration and planetary colonization. Yesterday, Musk sent Starman, who is a dummy wearing a SpaceX spacesuit, into space seated in the driver’s seat of the billionaire’s Tesla Roadster.

The launch was successful, and Starman surpassed Mars’ orbit and headed for the asteroid belt. When the dummy broke the Earth’s orbit, he took several pictures of our planet. The footage is absolutely incredible, but it puts a critical flaw in the flat earth theory. Starman and Musk just became an enemy of the Flat Earthers.

Flat Earthers, or people who believe that the earth is flat and that its round shape is a worldwide conspiracy, will be disappointed to see that pictures of the Earth prove it’s not flat. Although several pictures of the Earth from space have been published throughout the decades, Flat Earther’s claim that all of that information has been curated by a higher power. Elon Musk, who operates on his own will and has spoken out against government programs in the past, is a first-hand source.

peep the footage below:

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