Kanye West has always been somewhat of a polarizing figure. Between his comments about George Bush not caring about Black people or storming the stage and snatching the mic from Taylor Swift, we’ve all chalked up moments like those to Kanye being Kanye.

However, his staunch support of Donald Trump and failed attempts to develop a cogent political framework has left Kanye “canceled” to many of his (former) fans. But longtime friend and fellow Adidas creative Pharrell Williams said that we need to love Kanye despite his political views.

We have to love our brother, regardless. We might not agree with him, but we can’t stand by and watch anything happen to him, because he’s our brother,” Pharrell told Complex in an exclusive interview. He did make it clear, however, that he’s not aligning himself with Ye’s politics. “I’m not siding with him at all. I said that’s our brother and we can’t give up on him.