Rapper Paul Wall is joining the group of folks, as he recently revealed he doesn’t shower daily.

While on 97.9 The Box, Paul was asked about his showering routine, which he joked about, saying, “Every few days. I’m not gonna say—‘Few’ is like more than two, so it could mean three, it could be thirteen maybe. Today is shower day.”

Paul Wall then talked about wearing deodorant, something he says he stopped doing for reasons related to his health. The rapper said, “I used to, but when I stopped—it’s something you gotta get out of your system—but when I stopped wearing deodorant, I stopped getting as funky when I sweat. I don’t know if it’s just a hormone thing when I got older. Maybe it’s ’cause I got older, I don’t know.” Paul noted his family still wears deodorant and said that he doesn’t smell even though he goes without it. The rapper claimed the “aluminum in deodorant” is why he stopped using the product frequently.