Dating back to 1997, the United States Department of Defense has given billions of dollars worth of weapons, gear, and vehicles to thousands of police agencies in the country.

Hence, in the midst of the national debate about whether or not American police forces have been receiving too much funding, it is being reported that various departments around the country have been sending extra tactical gear to Ukrainian soldiers overseas. Governor Phil Scott of Vermont announced that law enforcement agencies from within his state would be donating their defense equipment to the Ukrainian military. Shortly after that, the Colorado Safety Department announced that they too would be donating equipment and battle uniforms from various police forces across the state. The Vermont State Police have also encouraged its members to do the same, and many other states have followed suit. With a significant Ukrainian population in New York, the city of Yonkers recently announced that its police department would lend a helping hand to Ukraine by sending helmets and bulletproof vests. The Yonkers police commissioner, John J. Mueller, in a statement about the donation said:

“The war in Ukraine is bearing down unbelievable tragedy upon the Ukrainian people, and the Yonkers Police stands united with them. It is our hope that this donation helps in the defense of their homeland.” 

This donation may signify the first of many as the NYPD’s budget alone nearly doubles Ukraine’s military budget which is currently around $6 billion.