25 May

Offset Gives Injury Update While on Laughing Gas at Dentist Office

While his Migos groupmates were out in Las Vegas attending festivities surrounding the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, Offset spent his weekend keeping fans informed about the status of his health as he recuperates from a near-fatal car accident.

One update was delivered to fans from the rapper’s bed in a New York City dentist office.

It is unclear what kind of damage Offset may have sustained to his teeth, although a photo that he recently posted to social media did appear to show blood dried between his lips. In the latest recording, he confirms that his eye socket is broken and he ripped his nose. Throughout the recording, the 26-year-old Georgia native flashes his wrists, both to show off his watch, and to reveal the injuries to his hands and forearms. “I’m still here” and “God is good all the time” seem to be the phrases that have anchored him in his healing.

As Offset went about sending shout-outs to his fans and giving thanks for those who’ve prayed for him, the office personnel waited nearby for him to finish so that they could administer his IV.


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