In 2021, it was reported that the estate of Nipsey Hussle rejected the royalty claims of singer Tasleema Yasin, who says she was not adequately compensated for her work on “Hussle & Motivate,” from the rapper’s prolific ‘Victory Lap’ album. 

Yasin claimed she was an uncredited co-author of the single from Hussle and contributed a “prominent vocal phrase” to the song and the track’s chorus. Court documents say an offer of $100,000, along with 10% of the royalties from the master of the song and three other songs, was pushed to Yasin. However, Yasin claimed the agreement wasn’t honored, which caused her to ask for damages of up to $7.5 million. The woman reportedly offered to settle for $5 million, and a judge in the matter gave an order that required Yasin to serve the summons within 90 days of filing the complaint against the estate. It would later be noted that Yasin failed to move on the complaint and respond to the order, which had an April 4 deadline. 

Because of the lack of action, the judge dismissed Yasin’s case.