Like many of Nipsey Hussle’s family and loved ones that spoke at his memorial service, his older brother Samiel, aka Blacc Sam, was emotional as he told stories about his gifted sibling.

During the memorial, Samiel shared a story about realizing that Nipsey was special after watching him build a computer from scratch when he was just 12. He explained that Nipsey started bringing home random computer parts and storing them in their shared room, and Samiel admitted he was unsure about Nipsey building a computer. However, Samiel said he was “amazed, really was mind-boggled” as Nipsey completed the task. He added, “I was proud of him, mom, everybody couldn’t believe it…he was able to do something like this.” Nipsey later used that same computer to record his music.

Samiel went on to share the story of them buying the lot that he used to sell CDs in as they were facing being kicked out. The location later served as the home for their Marathon Clothing store.