According to TMZ, an earlier rumor has been confirmed that Nipsey Hussle’s memorial service is set to be held at the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

Tickets will be made available for mourners looking to fill the 21,000 seat venue. TMZ is also reporting that talks about the Staples Center were held on Wednesday between the family and AEG higher-ups to discuss the logistics of the event.


Various Gangs Join to March for Peace in Nipsey Hussle’s Neighborhood

A peace treaty was formed between several gangs in Los Angeles to come together to march for Nipsey Hussle. TMZ caught up with the group, led by Big U, who marched through Nipsey’s Crenshaw neighborhood, starting at a grocery store and ending at his Marathon clothing store where he was gunned down. Big U told TMZ that he was getting calls from various gangs around the city to organize something, which led to the peace march.