21 Feb

Nipsey Hussle Breaks Down His Approach to Selling Music

HipHopDX introduced their new series Soulful Sundays today (February 18) hosted by their Editor-In-Chief Trent Clark.

The first episode features Los Angeles’ own Nipsey Hussle who is on the heels of the release of his official album Victory Lap. Nip and Trent sit down over plates of comfort food at Comfort LA, a soul food restaurant in the rapper’s neck of the woods. During the discussion, the pair touch on a variety of topics including Nipsey’s consistent grind, sacrifices he’s had to make in his personal life, his approach to selling music and his deal with Atlantic Records.

When discussing his approach to selling music with ideas like mixtape packages and experiences for $100 or $1000, Nip revealed a bit of advice he got from 50 Cent.

When I dropped Crenshaw, Todd Moscowitz hit me,” Nipsey said in between bites of food. “He like ‘Bro, you killin’ em. You did one thing wrong though…You called it a mixtape. You should have called that your album.”

However, Nipsey revealed that up until signing his deal with Atlantic, he didn’t call any of his projects albums, though they were worthy of the title because he did not want a “sales history.” The rapper explained that 50 Cent told him that it would give him leverage in signing a deal with a major that he has never released an album. That way a label would have to compare him to other rappers in his market who have had an impact, as opposed to scaling him as an independent artist who sold 20,000 album units.


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