Nipsey Hussle makes sure to live up to his name. The Los Angeles native has made a name for himself through his tireless indie grind, culminating with the release of his first studio album, Victory Lap.

However, while Nip is on his victory lap it’s safe to say that the hustle never stops. The rapper posted a photo on his Instagram account of his cryptocurrency investments letting his followers know what the deal is with cryptocurrency game. The photo showed Nip’s crypto investment portfolio worth upwards of $800K accompanied by the caption:

Ima bout to state a FACT:
I got in on @followcoinltd at 1/10 of a penny… itโ€™s now trading at 4 cents.
donโ€™t let them tell you This crypto game is a fraud cuz they lyin.
@vezt is also performing above all expectations ๐Ÿ