Ever since the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot hit the airwaves, after this year’s Super Bowl, Olly Sholatan has found himself at the center of buzz-worthy topics, whether he likes it or not.

Last week, the 24-year old actor took to Twitter to jokingly address the backlash that he had been facing for his portrayal of the Carlton Banks character. This week he’s found himself in the spotlight again for addressing the usage of the N-word by a white co-star of his named Tyler Barnhardt during a scene in the series premiere. In an interview with Insider, Olly Sholotan attempted to add perspective to the writers’ decision to have Tyler Barnhardt’s character use such an infamous slur on camera.

“We approach these really tough subjects with a lot of delicacy,” Solotan said.

“But I remember the first few takes Tyler was actually nervous slash uncomfortable saying that word. Rightfully so. He’s the nicest person on the planet. I don’t think that’s a word he’s ever said. I’m not gonna speak for him, but I can imagine it feels icky. We all made sure we were on the same page and the scene that we were shooting is so important.”

From a historical standpoint, the first time that the N-word was used on network television was back in 1974 during an episode of “Sanford & Son.” Ironically enough, just like “Bel-Air,” this show was also produced under NBC’s umbrella.