Will Smith’s reimagined version of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” has been all the rage since making its series debut moments after the conclusion of this year’s Super Bowl.

The iconic franchise has now evolved from 90s comedy to a reboot aptly named “Bel Air.” But it appears as though fans are still laughing at the Carlton Banks character. The would-be celebratory moment for actor Olly Sholoton has been rather turbulent due to an insurmountable amount of backlash he has faced for his portrayal of Carlton. Not only have fans of the original show knocked him for his acting chops, but the most recent firestorm on Twitter suggests that he has been the butt of “ugly” jokes because of his complexion and physical appearance. To that, the 23-year-old Nigerian American actor responded to the show’s fanbase with a joke of his own. The tweet was accompanied by a photo of him dressed as the fictional Carlton Banks character, complete with the trademark prep school sweater. As of now, none of Sholotan’s co-stars or producers have come to his defense in regards to the backlash he has received.