With the streaming series adaptation setting sail on August 31st, we have a look at the official teaser trailer for Netflix’s One Piece.

The folks behind¬†Tomorrow Studios¬†(Netflix’s¬†Cowboy Bebop, TNT’s¬†Snowpiercer) & publisher¬†Shueisha‘s take on author¬†Eiichiro Oda‘s manga¬†One Piece¬†have been making it clear that the live-action series would be making its presence known in a big way heading into Netflix’s global fan event TUDUM. And that’s included¬†Eiichiro Oda¬†posting an artistic countdown¬†to Netflix’s big event emanating from Brazil. We also had stars such as¬†I√Īaki Godoy, aka Monkey D. Luffy; and¬†Emily Rudd, aka Nami, explaining to new One Piece fans just how massively huge the manga & anime franchise is around the world.

Netflix’s¬†One Piece¬†stars¬†I√Īaki Godoy¬†(Who Killed Sara?) as Monkey D. Luffy,¬†Peter Gadiot¬†(Yellowjackets) as Shanks,¬†Mackenyu¬†(Ruroni Kenshin: Final Chapter) as Rornoa Zoro,¬†Emily Rudd¬†(Fear Street) as Nami,¬†Jacob Romero Gibson¬†(All Rise) as Usopp,¬†Taz Skylar¬†(Boiling Point) as Sanji,¬†Morgan Davies¬†(The Evil Dead) as Koby,¬†Ilia Isorel√Ĺs Paulino¬†(The Sex Lives of College Girls) as Alvida,¬†Aidan Scott¬†(Action Point) as Helmeppo,¬†Jeff Ward¬†(Hacks) as Buggy,¬†McKinley Belcher III¬†(Ozark) as Arlong,¬†Vincent Regan¬†(Troy) as Garp,¬†Langley Kirkwood¬†as Captain Morgan,¬†Celeste Loots¬†as Kaya,¬†Alexander Maniatis¬†as Klahadore,¬†Craig Fairbrass¬†as Chef Zeff,¬†Steven Ward¬†as Mihawk, and¬†Chioma Umeala¬†as Nojiko. Now here’s a look back at the behind-the-scenes featurette showcasing just how massive of production the live-action series take on¬†One Piece¬†has become (including some amazing looking examples of how the concept art is coming to life):