Will Smith recently stepped away from the Academy after publicly smacking Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars.

Now, it appears Netflix is backing away from a film called ‘Fast and Loose’ that was supposed to be coming out on the platform. Along with Netflix, Sony also put some of the Will Smith-involved projects on the back burner. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony reportedly put a halt on the start of production for ‘Bad Boys 4’.

Netflix had a director for ‘Fast and Loose’—David Leitch, but he withdrew from the project a week before Smith slapped Rock. Netflix was on the hunt for a new director but put the project on ice after Smith slapped Rock. The ‘Fast and Loose’ film tells a story of a wealthy head of a criminal organization who has suffered memory loss after being attacked. As he puts together his memory, the kingpin realizes he is also a broke CIA agent. Other projects Smith is a part of have been shelved for now, including a sequel to his Netflix film ‘Bright.’