20 Apr

Netflix Releases Official Trailer for Marijuana Doc “Grass Is Greener”

As breakthroughs in the legalization of marijuana are occurring at an accelerated rate throughout the country, Netflix has decided to document the dramatic shift through their brand new documentary “Grass Is Greener.”

The film is directed by hip-hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy, who believes that the history of cannabis in America has long been connected to its music, while also breaking down the racial discrimination behind its criminalization.  The former Yo! MTV Raps host is also joined by Chuck D, Damian Marley, Killer Mike, Cypress Hill’s B-Real and Sen Dog, DMC, Doug E. Fresh, and Snoop Dogg, who at one point in the trailer notes that “the era before me was on PCP and heroin, and my mission was to get everybody hooked on Chronic.”

The documentary explores the “Reefer Madness” effect that was fueled by the War on Drugs, while pointing out that “psychologists and sociologists knew that there was nothing wrong with weed,” and that “our decision makers decided to ignore the science to choose propaganda and racism.”

“Grass Is Greener” is set to screen at the San Francisco International Film Festival, and will be available to be streamed on Netflix on it’s April 20th release date.

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