Police in Nebraska were called to a rather unusual sight recently when they received a report of a man driving with a massive bowl in his passenger seat.

But this wasn’t just any ordinary bowl – it was actually a bull named Howdy Doody. The car had been specially modified to accommodate the large animal, with half of the roof and windshield removed to make room. The passenger doors were fitted with a metal guard rail to ensure the bull’s safety during the journey. Surprisingly, the man driving the bull managed to escape with just a warning, and both he and the bull were sent back home. It’s clear that some days in Nebraska can be quite interesting, and this incident serves as a reminder that anything is possible in life. Kudos to the driver for his ingenuity and resourcefulness in finding a way to transport his beloved bull in the car. One can only imagine that the bull was hoping for a trip to the drive-through after such an eventful ride.