Nav didn’t hold back when recently giving his opinion on XXL’s iconic Freshman Class. In a couple of tweets and an Instagram post that went up Monday, the Toronto spitter took a heavy shot at the hip-hop stalwart, calling the mag trash and claiming XXL hasn’t been relevant for a decade.

“I wouldn’t show up for the freshman list” F**K @XXL YOUR MAGAZINE IS TRASH SORRY WEBSITE. To my fellow artists – we shouldn’t look to a magazine for validation or to tell us if we “hot or not”, especially one that hasn’t been credible for 10 years @xxl. Make music for yourself and your fans. I would never show up for the Freshman List cuz I don’t need their approval,” wrote Nav.

The diss comes only a few days after the 28-year-old rapper made waves with the release of his track “Freshman Class,” where Nav accused XXL of having expired swag.