If you’re not living it up now and ensuring your legacy is in place, you should do it. Scientists recently reported that there’s a Mega-Asteroid that could impact earth in 2135, and there’s nothing that NASA can do to stop it.

Currently, the asteroid dubbed Bennu is on a path that has a 1 and 2,700 chance of colliding with earth, and the results would be detrimental. The asteroid measures the length of five football fields and is 1,664 times heavier than the Titanic ship. Height wise, it’s as tall as the Empire State Building, and once it hits, it would let off 1,200 megatons of energy. This energy force would be 80,000 stronger than the Hiroshima bomb. Some scientists in Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have been steadily working on a plan of action to sway the asteroid away. They developed a spacecraft called ‘HAMMER’ (Hypervelocity Asteroid Mitigation Mission for Emergency Response vehicle), which could be launched to deflect the asteroid off its course towards earth.

Once HAMMER is launched towards the asteroid, it would take 7.4 years to reach it, but it would likely not help to push it off its’ course. There’s also the option of using a nuclear weapon to destroy the asteroid, but that would have catastrophic after-effects showering the earth with radioactive rocks.

Kirsten Howley, a physicist with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory commented on the possibility of the asteroid hitting the earth in a paper she co-authored saying, “The chance of an impact appears slim now, but the consequences would be dire.”

Scientists think the asteroid would reach earth on September 25, 2135.