29 Jan

Multi-Billion Dollar Spirits Company Acquires Stake in Jeezy’s Liquor Brand

After the release of his new album “PRESSURE,” Jeezy continues to succeed on a large scale.

Recently, a multi-billion dollar spirits company, Pernod Ricard USA, acquired the remaining stake in Jeezy’s Avión Spirits LLC, the parent company of his ultra-premium tequila brand Avión.

Jeezy became a Multicultural Advisor for the Tequila Avión brand when he joined it in 2013. “When I first became involved with Tequila Avión in 2013, I knew it had enormous potential on a global scale,” says Jeezy. With Jeezy’s development as an artist, the brand also gradually expanded in the spirits industry. Moving forward, founder Ken Austin, President Jenna Fagnan, and Jeezy will remain involved in the brand’s development. According to sources, Jeezy will be financially incentivized until 2020 as he helps support the brand’s next wave of growth.

For their part, Pernod Ricard is excited with the move. “Avión has become a leading aspirational lifestyle brand in the fast-growing ultra-premium tequila category,” says Paul Duffy, Chief Executive Officer of Pernod Ricard USA.



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