In the past few weeks, millions of blood-red, cannibalistic insects known as Mormon crickets have ascended upon the northern region of Nevada.

Video recently surfaced of the Mormon crickets blanketing the streets of Elko (Nevada), residential homes, and an entire hospital. The insect invasion results from thousands of eggs hatching after having been buried nearly one inch beneath the soil in the area. The Mormon crickets have been demolishing and eating everything in their path, including small animals and one another. According to eyewitnesses, smashing hoards of these insects has flooded the air with the smell of burning flesh, and it has also made the roads very slippery with an oil-like substance. The situation has become such as concerning matter that it has prompted the involvement of the Nevada Department of Transportation, who have been using their street plows to help remove the two-inch insects. 

Cricket outbreaks are fairly common in certain areas of Nevada, Utah, Oregon and Montana. Unfortunately, the seasonal pattern may carry on for many years until predators reduce their numbers.