18 Feb

Mike Tyson Says He Had His Best Fight After Smoking Marijuana

Mike Tyson is the latest celebrity to appear on B-Real’s The Smokebox.

The famed boxer spoke about his love for marijuana, which he says his mom would let him smoke as a kid to sleep. He explained:

“I just never stopped; I’ve been [smoking cannabis] since I was about 10 years old. I always tell people, I should’ve smoked when I was fighting. I would have been a more relaxed person. I was too off the hook when I wasn’t smoking. Even now, if I wasn’t smoking, I’d be off the hook. I’d be uncomfortable with myself; I wouldn’t dig myself that much.”

Both Tyson and NFL defensive tackle Eben Britton spoke about the long list of drugs athletes turn to for inflammation and pain management, and Tyson admitted that he had withdrawals after quitting Fentanyl. Both agreed that marijuana is a preferred choice for them, and Tyson revealed that he fought one fight after getting high.

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