01 Apr

Michael Jordan’s Net Worth is Now $1.65 Billion

Michael Jordan’s basketball legacy will always be remembered as one of the greatest in all of sports for years to come but, what many probably weren’t expecting from the former Bulls shooting guard is that he would obtain the business acumen to make him a billionaire following his professional basketball career.

For years, Jordan Brand has been selling pieces of nostalgia in the form of performance sneakers worn by the 6x NBA champion himself, and it’s turned into quite the booming business for both Mike and Nike. But, his original 2006 investment in the Charlotte Bobcats has officially made him one of the richest retired professional athletes of all-time.

After becoming a minority investor in the Charlotte Bobcats back in ’06, the Jumpman decided to further invest in the franchise in 2010 with a total of $175 million in funds put towards the team making him a 90% owner of the North Carolina-based organization today. With Jordan Brand becoming a major sponsor in the collegiate sports realm and the re-branded Bobcats becoming the Hornets once again, Jordan’s net worth has jumped a whopping $350 million in a single year, now making him worth a total of $1.65 billion.


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