According to reports, a well-known Michael Jackson impersonator named Jordan Neely (30) was choked to death by a U.S. Marine veteran (24) on Monday after he allegedly caused a disturbance on a Manhattan subway.

Prior to the tragic incident, the famed street performer, who was beloved by several citizens that frequented the Times Square area, had fallen on hard times while struggling with homelessness and mental illness. The occurrence began to unfold around 2:30 pm when Jordan boarded the northbound F train before issuing threats aimed towards fellow riders. He then reportedly screamed, “I want food!” I’m not taking no for an answer! I’m ready to go back to jail, and I’ll hurt anyone on this train!” Moments later, Jordan threw garbage at other riders on the train, which caused a U.S. Marine to approach him from behind. Their confrontation turned into a physical altercation, resulting in the Marine placing Jordan in a chokehold as the F train neared the Broadway-Lafayette station.  Jordan lost consciousness after the Marine and a few other bystanders subdued him. Jordan remained in the chokehold for 15 minutes until first responders arrived. Following the sad on-camera incident, Jordan was rushed to Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City before being pronounced dead. As for the Marine, he was questioned by law enforcement before being released with no charges. The news has fueled support for Jordan Neely and the Marine who took his life. Some view the Marine as a hero, while others have labeled him a killer whose actions were visibly unnecessary.