The curfew comes after an influx of people who came to Miami for spring break, with many fights and incidents popping up heavily despite the current COVID-19 pandemic.

It was noted that over 1,000 arrested were made in the past few days and that people’s refusal to wear masks while in Miami Beach has become a major health issue and a threat to public safety. As a result of that, the curfew implemented this weekend has reportedly been extended. The last-minute meeting held by the Miami Beach City Commission found members voting to extend the curfew. This is due to the number of arrested people since February 2021, with over 1000 people having been arrested since then. Over half of the people arrested in Miami Beach were from out of state, according to reports. The 8 PM curfew in South Beach and the 10 PM closure of the causeways leading to the mainland will be in effect for the rest of spring break, Thursday through Sunday. Stay tuned for more details.