On Wednesday morning, Mexico’s Supreme Court (The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation) determined that the previous guidelines preventing women from undergoing a medical procedure that terminates their pregnancy is unlawful and a violation of their rights.

Therefore, abortion is no longer a part of the country’s penal code. While the decision is viewed as a victory for women’s rights groups such as Marea Verde Chihuahua and the Information Group for Chosen Reproduction, the country is over 70% Catholic. Thus, 20 of Mexico’s 32 states will continue to punish anyone who attempts to have an abortion. Although the ruling reflects a trend in Latin America, Mexico’s battle is far from over, as many legalities remain unresolved.

The judgment from the Supreme Court building in Mexico City is being closely monitored stateside as clinics in Mexico have become a prime destination for Americans close to the border who seek to terminate their pregnancy. Abortion clinics in Mexico have provided Americans with a discrete service for years. In fact, back in 2022, the ‘Profem’ clinic in Tijuana estimated that half of their abortion patience traveled there from America.