When it comes to finding innovative ways to infiltrate the American market with a product, the Mexican drug cartels just might be second to none.

Last year, rumors surfaced out of Mexico that a plethora of drug empires had been recruiting gamers to help move their product across the border. That speculation was verified by Customs and Border Patrol officials in Arizona when they found nearly 60kg of methamphetamine on a driver named Alyssa Navarro. When the American citizen was asked about the way in which she acquired so many narcotics, Alyssa responded by saying that she had been playing Grand Theft Auto Online when she was confronted by a man named “George.” After they met face to face in Phoenix, he offered her a job as a drug runner. Alyssa Navarro’s job primarily consisted of shipping electronics so that they could be sold in Mexico. This eventually led to her doing business for a Mexican drug cartel, while traveling back and forth between the neighboring countries.

Upon her arrest, Alyssa Navarro was charged with possession and conspiracy to sell methamphetamine. She pleaded not guilty to the charges, early this month.  This is just one of many cases where the drug cartel has been reaching out to citizens of Mexico and America via GTA Online. Because of the anonymity that it offers, the popular video game has proven to be quite resourceful for many of the drug cartels out of Mexico. Although the U.S. Justice Department has made several arrests, in wake of the new phenomenon, it does not appear as though their effort to revoke the gang activity has made a significant impact as of yet.