During the 2000s, Method Man branched out into the realm of acting with his portrayal of Melvin Wagstaff in The Wire, a show many consider to be the best series of all time.

In recent years, he’s become more commonly known for playing a lawyer in 50 Cent’s “Power Universe” named Davis MacLean. Despite his success in Power and Power Book II: Ghost, the 52-year-old has had his sights set on a fictional character in the Marvel Universe named Bishop for quite some time. In the comic books, Bishop is a human mutant that descends from the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. After moving to America, Bishop becomes a member of Professor X’s mutant police force (before later joining the X-men). He can suck up radiant and conductive energy deployed from his enemies before using the power against them. In a recent interview with Cassius, Method Man pitched himself for the role before explaining why Marvel Studios should cast him for the role.